Close Contact: An Alien Affairs Novel, book two
Coming June 8, 2010 from Eos Publishing
Available for preorder from Amazon.

She's the perfect lover-and the perfect weapon-but she doesn't know it yet

GEPs just want to have fun. . .

A Genetically Engineered Person and self-proclaimed "party girl," Echo Adams loves her diplomatic job entertaining alien bigwigs for the Galactic Federation. But the Bureau of Alien Affairs has discovered she's much more than she thinks-that a rogue scientist endowed her with skills and psi abilities dwarfing those of common GEPs. And suddenly Echo's luxury life is over, replaced with a far more dangerous one: a special agent expected to not only chase bad guys, but eliminate them.

Echo's hates being stuck on Madrea-a planet of technophobes off limits to Federation visitors-hunting for a stolen quartz crystal with a powerful alien lifeform embedded inside. She despises the Bureau's restrictive rules-especially the one warning her away from the dangerously seductive Commander of the King's Forces. And if she doesn't learn how to use her alleged super-psi powers soon, her partying days-in fact all of her days-will be over for good.

Inside Cover Blurb

"You are a pretty one," he murmured. Then his voice hardened. "Too pretty to be such a good liar."

Before I could blink twice, he had my skirt up and my knife in his hand, the tip pressed against my throat.
"Helpless females like you're pretending to be do not carry such weapons. Now I'll have the truth."
The Alien Affairs' instructors drilled us to react to a threat first and think later. With no conscious
decision on my part, my training took over and I was moving before he finished speaking. My left hand
went over his arm and slammed it downward. The move shifted the knife from my throat and numbed his muscles
so he loosed his grip. I caught the knife and swung it up in an underhand arc. Suddenly I stopped. Both
Reynard and I stood frozen in place, staring down at the knife pressed to his stomach, him in surprise,
me in horror. It's one think to theoretically practice killing a human during training. It's another thing
entirely to realize you'd almost done it for real, and involuntarily at that. Especially when the human in
question was one I'd been lusting after not a second before.